Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Mississippi Paddlefish

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Hey, check out this picture of an animal called the American Paddlefish or the Mississippi Paddlefish. Here's what Wikipedia says: The American paddlefish, Polyodon spathula, also called the Mississippi paddlefish or spoonbill, lives in slow-flowing waters of the Mississippi River.


Dave Thomas said...

Freaky nose! Freaky mouth! I would not invite this creature to share an ice cram cone with me!

Where do you find these creepy things???

Mary Thomas said...

I'm never going to swim in the Mississippi river. (this is phoebe.)

hen said...

(the bottom paddlefish on the top picture)
dave, give me your ice cream or else...............
i will give you a book about ice cream
hen the paddlefish

Mimsarose said...

OOOH, paddlefish for dinner again. It has it's name on it's fin. HENTHEPADDLEFISH!